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Subject: Re: [boost] [outcome] non-interface-related concerns
From: Niall Douglas (s_sourceforge_at_[hidden])
Date: 2017-05-28 18:11:32

>> There are a wide range of generic algorithms and utilities built on top
>> of the C++ 14 STL, just like how Boost originally started life. A
>> reasonable cross selection of these generic algorithms are used by
>> Outcome and its unit test suite.
> Can you be more specific? What parts of "boost-lite" does Outcome need?

I figured this so easy to calculate I didn't bother listing this, but
here you go:

ned_at_lyta:~/windocs/boostish/outcome/test$ g++-6 -MM -Wall -Wextra
-std=c++1y -pthread -O3 -DNDEBUG unittests.cpp -lrt
-I../include/boost/outcome/v1.0 -I..
unittests.o: unittests.cpp ../include/boost/outcome/outcome.hpp \
 ../include/boost/outcome/version.hpp \
 ../include/boost/outcome/v1.0/monad.hpp \
 ../include/boost/outcome/v1.0/config.hpp \
 ../../boost-lite/include/config.hpp \
 ../../boost-lite/include/revision.hpp \
 ../../boost-lite/include/cpp_feature.h ../../boost-lite/include/import.h \
 ../../boost-lite/include/detail/preprocessor_macro_overload.h \
 ../include/boost/outcome/v1.0/../revision.hpp \
 ../../boost-lite/include/bind/stl11/std/system_error \
 ../include/boost/outcome/v1.0/bad_outcome.hpp \
 ../include/boost/outcome/v1.0/error_code_extended.hpp \
 ../../boost-lite/include/ringbuffer_log.hpp \
 ../../boost-lite/include/config.hpp \
 ../include/boost/outcome/v1.0/value_storage.hpp \
 ../include/boost/outcome/v1.0/detail/value_storage.ipp \
 ../../boost-lite/include/tribool.hpp \
 ../include/boost/outcome/v1.0/detail/basic_monad.ipp \
 ../include/boost/outcome/v1.0/detail/monad_policy.ipp \
 ../include/boost/outcome/v1.0/detail/expected_policy.ipp \
 ../../boost-lite/include/boost/test/unit_test.hpp \
 ../../boost-lite/include/boost/test/../../config.hpp \
 ../../boost-lite/include/boost/test/../../console_colours.hpp \
 ../../boost-lite/include/boost/test/../../config.hpp \

So, breaking that out:

- End user #include of Outcome:
  - Easily replaceable with Boost.Config and Boost.Preprocessor:
  - Hard to replace with Boost, would need local copy:

So this isn't too bad to fall back onto Boost if a boost-lite subrepo is
not checked out.

- Regression testing Outcome (exceptions enabled):
  - Easily replaceable with Boost.Test:
  - Hard to replace with Boost, would need local copy:
- Regression testing Outcome (exceptions disabled):
  - Not possible to replace with Boost

The exceptions enabled testing is easy to fall back onto Boost with, I
intentionally used the exact same macros as Boost.Test does. The
exceptions disabled testing I don't think it is possible with Boost, you
need boost-lite for that.

>> Proposed Boost libraries with internal standalone libraries have been
>> reviewed and accepted into Boost in the past. I respectfully suggest
> Which internal standalone libraries? Where any of those not reviewed?

Back when I asked about that here I was told that the internal libraries
were reviewed as part of the implementation, but not as part of any
public API.

>> I see no point in making concrete statements about how I would lay
>> piping and plumbing. Lots depends on things I don't know answers to yet
>> because the relevant people haven't given me decisions yet, and they
>> won't make those decisions until they know if Outcome is entering Boost
>> or not.
> Plumbing is not the issue. The inclusion of an un-reviewed library is.

I must admit to great surprise at how hard people are finding this.


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