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Subject: [boost] [beast] Version 80: code review opportunity
From: Vinnie Falco (vinnie.falco_at_[hidden])
Date: 2017-07-12 18:58:14

Beast version 80 is sitting in the pull request queue if anyone is
interested in providing a code review. This contains changes motivated
by Bjorne's desire for more control over chunk-encoded output.


List of changes since beginning of the formal review:


* Javadoc tidying
* Add basic_dynamic_body.hpp
* Shrink buffer_prefix_view
* Remove unused file_path
* Add basic_file_body.hpp
* buffers_ref is Assignable
* Shrink chunk header buffer sequence size
* Refactor chunked-encoding serialization
* Remove spurious fallthrough guidance
* Add span
* Documentation work
* Use make_unique_noinit
* Fix warning in zlib
* Header file tidying
* Tidy up FieldsReader doc
* Add Boost.Locale utf8 benchmark comparison
* Tidy up dstream for existing Boost versions
* Tidy up file_posix unused variable
* Fix warning in root ca declaration
* Tidy up basic_string_body
* Add vector_body
* span, string, vector bodies are public
* Fix spurious uninitialized warning
* fields temp string uses allocator
* Add message::keep_alive()
* Add message::chunked() and message::content_length()
* Remove string_view_body
* file_posix works without large file support
* Always go through write_some
* Use Boost.Config
* BodyReader may construct from a non-const message
* Add serializer::get
* Add serializer::chunked
* Serializer members are not const
* serializing file_body is not const
* Add file_body_win32
* Fix parse illegal characters in obs-fold
* Disable SSE4.2 optimizations
* Rename to serializer::keep_alive
* BodyReader, BodyWriter use two-phase init
* Use file_body for valid requests, string_body otherwise.
* Construct buffer_prefix_view in-place
* Shrink serializer buffers using buffers_ref
* Shrink serializer buffers using buffers_ref
* Add serializer::limit
* file_body tests
* Using SSE4.2 intrinsics in basic_parser if available
* Add file_stdio and File concept
* Add file_win32
* Add file_body
* Remove common/file_body.hpp
* Add file_posix
* Fix Beast include directories for cmake targets
* remove redundant flush() from example
* Jamroot tweak
* Verify certificates in SSL clients
* Adjust benchmarks
* Initialize local variable in basic_parser
* Fixes for gcc-4.8
* basic_parser optimizations
* Add basic_parser tests
* Refactor header and message constructors
* serializer::next replaces serializer::get
* Tidy up set payload in http-server-fast
* Refine Body::size specification
* Newly constructed responses have a 200 OK result
* Refactor file_body for best practices
* Add http-server-threaded example
* Documentation tidying
* Various improvements to http_server_fast.cpp
* Add websocket-server-async example
* Fix extra ; warning
* Documentation revision
* Fix spurious on_chunk invocation
* Call prepare_payload in HTTP example
* Check trailers in test
* Fix buffer overflow handling for string_body and mutable_body
* Concept check in basic_dynamic_body
* Tidy up http_sync_port error check
* Tidy up Jamroot /permissive-
* Fine tune websocket op asserts
* Refactor websocket composed ops
* Allow close, ping, and write to happen concurrently
* Fix race in websocket read op
* Fix websocket write op
* Add cmake options for examples and tests
* Return `std::size_t` from `Body::writer::put`


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