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Subject: Re: [boost] [iterator] generator_iterator vs. function_input_iterator
From: Michel Morin (mimomorin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2017-09-01 13:43:09

Andrey Semashev wrote:

> Well, there is function_output_iterator also, I kind of like the duality.

Each name has supporters ;)

> I'm a bit worried if this could cause backward compatibility for users
> if they upgrade from a release with the old generator_iterator.

Non-default constructors for function_input_iterator and generator_iterator are
incompatible; function_input_iterator has binary constructors and
generator_iterator has unary constructors. Even if we add unary
constructors that take only generator to function_input_iterator, they
are incompatible; function_input_iterator accepts lvalue objects or
function pointers and
generator_iterator accepts pointers to objects but not function pointers.

So, when upgrading from old generator_iterator to new one (i.e.
function_input_iterator), there should be compilation failures.
We can add the following constructor to help migration:

  class new_generator_iterator {
              "The implementation of generator_iterator has changed. "
              "Please consult the documentation to see how to update
the code.");

However, if users of old generator_iterator rely on behaviors of the eager
generation and of the equality operators, then the migration is hard to achieve.
OK... I drop this idea.

Range users may not care much about the name of underlying iterators;
it would be OK if range constructs have standard names. I'll submit a PR
that implements `generation` (the name `generate` is already used for
range algorithms, so I use the name `generation` which is used in the
Oven range library) to Boost.Range, which looks like

  template <typename Func, typename Count>
  inline auto generation(Func& f, Count cnt)
      return make_iterator_range(
          make_function_input_iterator(f, Count())
        , make_function_input_iterator(f, cnt)

  template <typename Func>
  inline auto
  generation(Func& f)
      return make_iterator_range(
          make_function_input_iterator(f, infinite{})
        , make_function_input_iterator(f, infinite{})


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