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Subject: [boost] C++03 / C++11 compatibility question for compiled libraries
From: Mike (mike.dev_at_[hidden])
Date: 2018-02-19 09:51:10

   Hello everyone,
   I hope it is ok, for me as a non-boost-dev, to chime in here.
   What I generally expect " dropping c++03 support" to mean are the
   following things:
   - Any library may start to use c++11 features at any point without
   prior announcement and/or without having to wait a few releases (I.e.
   it is no longer considered a breaking change).
   - c++03 builds are removed from the test matrices
   - Compilation paths that are c++03 only can be removed (thus
   simplifying the code base and future refactoring/development)
   - My hope (obviously no one can or should force a volunteer to do
   anything) is that - where applicable - libraries start to replace boost
   types & functions that have been merged into the c++11 standard with
   their std equivalent or the equivalent c++11 language feature.
   - In the long run, libraries that have been fully merged into c++11
   could be deprecated and removed all together.
   Just to be clear: Dropping c++03 support doesn't mean a developer is
   forced to use c++11 constructs (if we ignore the potential future
   removal of boost libraries) - it primarily means that a user can no
   longer rely on the lib being usable in c++03 mode.
   And yes, this could be done on a per library basis, but especially
   older boost libraries are so tightly coupled that such decisions affect
   a lot of other libraries anyway. So my guess is that very few
   maintainers would dare to drop c++03 support as long as that hasn't
   been deemed acceptable by larger parts of the boost community.j
   Best regards
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