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Subject: Re: [boost] Clang 600 and BOOST_SYSTEM_CONSTEXPR causes error_code.hpp compile failure.
From: Peter Dimov (lists_at_[hidden])
Date: 2018-07-08 16:53:21

John Maddock wrote:
> I preprocessed the source and it's picking up the latest headers for me:
> m:\\compilers\\vc2017\\vc\\tools\\msvc\\14.13.26128\\include\\system_error
> and I still see:
> class error_category
> { // categorize an error
> public:
> /* constexpr */ error_category() _NOEXCEPT // TRANSITION

I have 14.14.26428 and I see the same. :-/

Well this sure simplifies version checking for this particular issue if
nothing else.

> Defines wise we have:
> _CPPLIB_VER =650

After looking at the config_info output from the test matrix, the values
are, for reference:

_CPPLIB_VER=405: msvc-8.0
_CPPLIB_VER=505: msvc-9.0
_CPPLIB_VER=520: msvc-10.0
_CPPLIB_VER=540: msvc-11.0
_CPPLIB_VER=610: msvc-12.0
_CPPLIB_VER=650: msvc-14.0 and above

The new macros are:

"The STL now identifies itself with two macros, defined by including any STL
header (e.g. <ciso646>). _MSVC_STL_VERSION is defined as 141 and will remain
that way for the VS 2017 v141 toolset series. _MSVC_STL_UPDATE is defined as
201709 in VS 2017 15.5, and will be increased as features are added in
future updates. (The year-month typically won’t correspond to an update’s
release date. Our process for updating this macro is “we’re checking in
std::meow() and it’s now October, so we need to change the value”, and
depending on branch/merge timing, it might take a month or more to ship.)
The value for VS 2017 15.6 is not yet set in stone, but it will be 201711 or

and I was going to suggest we add them, but someone already did:

Incidentally... while looking into this, I encountered

which uses the compiler version to decide on a library feature. It will
define BOOST_NO_CXX17_STD_APPLY under Clang.

It might be a good idea to codify the above knowledge somehow into a
BOOST_MSSTL_VERSION macro and then check that instead of _MSC_VER or
BOOST_MSVC which generally doesn't work with Clang.

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