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Subject: [boost] [Compute] Conflict between boost::compute::zip_iterator and boost::iterators::zip_iterator
From: fortenberry.rm_at_[hidden]
Date: 2018-07-18 04:04:22

I'd like to use boost::compute and boost::range together, like below, but if I uncomment the '#include <boost/range/combine.hpp>' line I get an error saying that boost::compute::zip_iterator and boost::iterators::zip_iterator are ambiguous. Is there a way around this, so that I can use boost::compute and boost::range together in the same cpp file? I am using on Windows vs2015 64bit. Boost 1.67.0.


#include <vector>
#include <iostream>
#include <algorithm>
//#include <boost/range/combine.hpp>
#include <boost/compute/lambda.hpp>
#include <boost/compute/functional/math.hpp>
#include <boost/compute/container/vector.hpp>
#include <boost/compute/algorithm/transform.hpp>

namespace compute = boost::compute;
using compute::float4_;
using compute::lambda::_1;
using compute::lambda::_2;
using compute::lambda::distance;

int main()
    // get default device and setup context
    compute::device device = compute::system::default_device();
    compute::context context(device);
    compute::command_queue queue(context, device);

    // generate random data on the host
    std::vector<float4_> a(10000);
    std::vector<float4_> b(10000);
    std::vector<float> r(10000);
    std::generate((float*), (float*)( + a.size()), rand);
    std::generate((float*), (float*)( + b.size()), rand);

    // create a vector on the device
    compute::vector<float4_> _a(a.size(), context);
    compute::vector<float4_> _b(b.size(), context);
    compute::vector<float> _r(r.size(), context);

    // transfer data from the host to the device
    compute::copy(a.begin(), a.end(), _a.begin(), queue);
    compute::copy(b.begin(), b.end(), _b.begin(), queue);

        _a.begin(), _a.end(),
        distance(_1, _2),

    // copy values back to the host
    compute::copy(_r.begin(), _r.end(), r.begin(), queue);

    for (int i = 0; i < a.size(); ++i)
        float4_ va = a[i];
        float4_ vb = b[i];
        float vr = r[i];
        float e = std::sqrt(std::pow(va[0] - vb[0], 2) +
            std::pow(va[1] - vb[1], 2) +
            std::pow(va[2] - vb[2], 2) +
            std::pow(va[3] - vb[3], 2));

        std::cout << std::setprecision(12);

        if (std::abs(e - vr) > 1e-2)
            std::cout << e << " != " << vr << "\n";

    return 0;

Error, truncated for brevity. I can post the full error log if it is helpful:

1>------ Build started: Project: demo, Configuration: Debug x64 ------ 1> demo.cpp 1> This header is implementation detail and provided for backwards compatibility. 1>C:\local\boost_1_67_0\boost/compute/algorithm/transform.hpp(67): error C2668: 'boost::compute::make_zip_iterator': ambiguous call to overloaded function 1> C:\local\boost_1_67_0\boost/compute/iterator/zip_iterator.hpp(276): note: could be 'boost::compute::zip_iterator,boost::compute::buffer_iterator,boost::tuples::null_type,boost::tuples::null_type,boost::tuples::null_type,boost::tuples::null_type,boost::tuples::null_type,boost::tuples::null_type,boost::tuples::null_type,boost::tuples::null_type>> boost::compute::make_zip_iterator,boost::compute::buffer_iterator,boost::tuples::null_type,boost::tuples::null_type,boost::tuples::null_type,boost::tuples::null_type,boost::tuples::null_type,boost::tuples::null_type,boost::tuples::null_type,boost::tuples::null_type>>(IteratorTuple)' 1> with 1> [


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