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Subject: Re: [boost] c++03 library survey
From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2018-08-28 14:54:27

On 8/28/18 4:37 AM, Mike Dev via Boost wrote:

> =======Please quote from here ======================================
> - Which library/ies are you maintaining? (I assume this isn't some
> sort of private information - otherwise ignore the question)
Boost Serialization
> - Would you like to unconditionally use c++11 features if you would
> not have to worry about this breaking boost internal users?
There is no value to these features at this point
> - Would you like to unconditionally use c++11 features if you would
> not have to worry about this breaking any users?

> - Would you deprecate your library completely if there were no
> boost-internal users and your current dependencies required
> c++11 (e.g. because your library has been merged into the c++11
> standard library anyway)

hmmm - normally I just respond to bug reports. If there are no users
there would be no such reports so probably nothing would happen.

> - Are you yourself using any boost library (in an up-to-date version)
> in a c++03, non-boost project?

within the boost serialization library or in other projects?

In any case, I just incorporate an std header if there is one, next I
select a boost header, and finally I write it myself.

> - Do you have any Idea if the latest versions of your library is
> used by any important/significant number of c++02 projects?
> [It is only important if *you* consider those projects important
> and or the number significant]

I have no idea how frequently the boost serialization library is used.
I'm sort of thinking it's more than 25 times. But I have not statistics
on this. I would love to know this.


The one thing that might happen in the future is that BS depends upon
some other boost library which gets "upgraded" to C++11 so that BS is no
longer compatible with C++03. But this seems unlikely. Boost libraries
don't get much maintenance. Once it works and passes all tests, no one
messes with it. upgrading working code from C++03 to C++11 isn't going
to add any benefit, so there it's more attractive to spend one's efforts
somewhere else.

Robert Ramey

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