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Subject: Re: [boost] [histogram] review part 1 (documentation)
From: Steven Watanabe (watanabesj_at_[hidden])
Date: 2018-09-17 20:58:27



- "the one- and multi-dimensional case"
  "cases" should be plural.

- "..submit this project to Boost, that's why..."
  Comma splice

- Please don't overuse *bold text*


- "converting the documentation, and adding Jamfiles"
  No comma here.


- "The GNU Scientific Library (GSL) and in the ROOT framework"
  Remove "in"

- "The C implementations of the GSL are elegant..."
  Are there multiple implementations?

- "The implementations are not customizable, you have to..."
  Comma splice


- Is there a reason that CMakeLists.txt is in
  build/ instead of test/?


- "int main(int, char**) {"
  If you're not using the parameters, `int main()` is a
  valid signature.

- Since you require C++11, you might as well use <random> instead
  of Boost.Random. The Boost implementation of mt19937 has better
  performance, but that doesn't really matter here.

- "in addition, the factory also accepts iterators over a sequence of
  axis::any, the polymorphic type that can hold concrete axis types"
  The relationship between axis::any and axis::any_std
  (the type actually used) in unclear.


- "A histogram consists a number of..."
  "consists /of/ a number of..."

- "which provides safe counting, is fast and memory efficient."
  There are only two elements, so use "and" instead of a comma
  or say "is fast, and /is/ memory efficient."

- "Axes objects with different label do..." ->
  s/Axes/Axis/, s/label/labels/

- "...sequence of bin indices for each axes in order."

- I wonder whether you could handle the issue that
  h * 2 != h + h, by using h * weight(2) to make it
  clear that multiplication changes the weights of
  the samples instead of changing the number of samples.

- "...remove some axes and look the equivalent lower..."
  "...look /at/ the equivalent..."

- "so it is not worth keeping that axies around"

- "Users can create new axis classes ..., or implemented..."

- "Here is a contrieved example of a..."

- "The guarantees ... are only valid, if the default..."
  No comma.

- "... you need know what you are doing"
  "you need /to/ know"


- No GSL?

- You say uniform and normal distributions, but there's
  only a single plot. Does this mean that you are putting
  both uniform and normal variates into a single histogram?


- "Axis access"
  Not the most fortuitous word combination.

- "The buildin storage types..."

- It seems that using weighted fills breaks the special
  overflow handling properties of adaptive_storage. I
  think that this deserves a distinct note.

- "Why is Boost.Histogram not build on top..."


- Concept names use CamelCase, by convention.

- It doesn't seem very sane to have the value_type
  be a reference. Is there any reason for this
  other than the fact that you specify the exact
  signature of axis_type::index?

- I would prefer to set the size of a storage_type
  in the constructor instead of using reset, if
  that's possible.

- I don't understand the difference between the two
  overloads of storage_type::add.


- Unfortunately forward declarations seem to mess
  up the doxygen/boostbook toolchain. As a result
  a number of components are listed in histogram_fwd.hpp
  I'll look into this.

- I'll deal with the reference content along with the
  code. I will note that the reference documentation
  seems a bit lacking overall as there are many components
  without any description.


- The passive voice is overused.

In Christ,
Steven Watanabe

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