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Subject: Re: [boost] [variant2] Andrzej's review -- design
From: Gavin Lambert (boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2019-04-02 23:33:06

On 3/04/2019 05:27, Andrzej Krzemienski wrote:
> This is not a full review yet. I just wanted to discuss the design first,
> especially the never-empty guarantee. And I am going to rehash the old
> argument.
> The core of variant2 is its never-empty guarantee and the mechanism to
> achieve it: a number of different algorithms chosen depending on what the
> potentially stored types permit. In fact this mechanism is not much
> different than the one present in boost::variant.

I agree with most of the points that Andrzej has made, although I would
go a step further and question why people want a never-empty variant in
the first place.

There is always potential uncertainty about the actual content type of a
variant, requiring either assumptions (and UB or exceptions if wrong) or
explicitly testing, eg. with visit. Checking if a variant is empty
seems no different to me than checking if it contains an int; eliding
either check confers exactly the same risks.

Requiring that variants always possess an empty state dramatically
simplifies implementation, including default construction and move
assignment. And it avoids the valueless_by_exception kludge by
promoting it to an entirely expected possible state of variant.
(Thereby increasing the chance that consumers will consider it.)

It also means that (like traditional monads), variant<T> is behaviorally
equivalent (bar some naming conventions) to optional<T>, which seems
like a consistent conceptual choice. And variant<> is valid and can
only hold the empty state.

Furthermore, while I can see possible value in a never-empty
strong-guarantee variant (although I remain unconvinced that the
"never-empty" part provides much benefit, as above); as soon as this
guarantee is weakened then I don't see any advantage at all in trying to
maintain a "never-empty" property. Unexpectedly changing type and/or
content is exactly as bad as unexpectedly becoming empty.

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