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Subject: Re: [boost] Mother of all Variants
From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2019-04-16 15:42:18

On 4/16/19 5:41 AM, Larry Evans via Boost wrote:
> On 4/16/19 4:28 AM, Jonathan Müller via Boost wrote:
>> On 16.04.19 03:51, Robert Ramey via Boost wrote:
>>> I'm way out of my depth in the variant discussion.  Seems to me it
>>> revolves around all the trade offs regarding design choices.  Could
>>> we perhaps decide not to decide.  Suppose we create a type which
>>> looks like:
>>> template<
>>>    bool BasicGuaranteeSupported,
>>>    bool StrongGuaranteeSupported,
>>>    bool EmptyStateProhibited,
>>>    bool AssignmentSupported,
>>>    bool MoveSupported,
>>>    class T ...
>>>  >
>>> struct mother_of_variants{
>>>    // some trivial mp11 code
>>> };
>> I did something similar back when I did type_safe::variant: You have a
>> `VariantPolicy` that controls whether the variant can be empty and a
>> has a `change_value()` function that switches the type in whatever way
>> it seems fit.
>> With that I have a `rarely_empty_variant` that is like `std::variant`,
>> a `never_empty_variant` that assumes move is no-throw (and calls
>> terminate() if they throw) and an `optional_variant` that fully
>> embraces an empty state.
>> At the time I thought it was a good trade-off, but haven't
>> re-evaluated it since then.
> I like this; however, years ago there was some argument
> about how providing such a policy for smart pointers
> would be confusing to users.  However, I didn't really
> agree with that argument and the alternative is, AFAICT,
> not much better:
>   std::variant, or boost::variant2 or libx::variant3 or ...

Right. We could have it both ways. That is the mother of all variants
could be used to generate a custom type given the requirements. For
those who don't want/need to delve into all the details, we provide a
list of specialization for commonly used variants which would probably
address 99.9% of users needs.

Robert Ramey

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