[boost] [Real] [GSoC19] Working together on Real

From: Kim (khswanson24_at_[hidden])
Date: 2019-05-15 12:51:30


 Â Â Â  Sagnik Dey and I, both GSoC19 students, will work together on Real.
Laouen Belloli suggested we reach out to the dev list regarding how we
will work with the BoostGSoC19/Real repo. Should we

 1. work on the same repo using different branches, or
 2. each make a fork of the repo

We have some overlapping tasks from our GSoC proposals, and plan on
possibly implementing different implementations for some thing(s), while
dividing up the tasks between ourselves for others.

Further, we would like to get Travis CI and codecov in the respective
repo(s), but we need to know which option we're going with first.

Best Regards,


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