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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2019-10-22 17:39:46

On 9/22/19 11:05 AM, Vinnie Falco via Boost wrote:
> I've been working on a massively-multiplayer online blackjack casino
> server, called Beast Lounge [1]. The server and client communicate
> using JSON-RPC over WebSocket. I have developed a brand-new JSON
> library for this project, in accordance with the following design
> goals:
> * Robust support for custom allocators throughout.
> * Array and object interfaces closely track their corresponding C++20
> container equivalents.
> * Use `std::basic_string` for strings.
> * Minimize use of templates for reduced compilation times.
> * Parsers and serializers work incrementally (['online algorithms]).
> * Elements in objects may also be iterated in insertion order.
> You can see the JSON library in development here:
> Is there any interest in proposing this for Boost?
> I'm happy to hear feedback or answer questions about this library.
> Feel free to open an issue on the repository, or reply here.
> Thanks
> [1] <>

Vinnie - looks like something that boost should have. I took a cursory
look at the repo just to get a feel for it. My question is, as usual, a
little off topic. Did you look into using boost.spirit for parsing? I
found it very interesting and used for of for fun in parsing the xml
using by the serialization library. I a very interesting and fun job.
The whole concept of isolating the grammar from the parsing it makes
sense to me. It was one more think to learn though.

It started out as an experiment, but when I saw how it turned out, I
left it in and have been very pleased. It's been part of the
serialization library for 15 years. I don't remember having to dip back
into that code to fix anything! This is a big thing for me.

I'm not asking you to actually do anything or even respond. I just like
to keep the pot boiling.

Robert Ramey

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