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From: Rainer Deyke (rainerd_at_[hidden])
Date: 2019-10-24 04:20:30

On 23.10.19 22:20, Richard Hogaboom via Boost wrote:
> I've written a library at GitHub/rahogaboom/daa that does dynamic array
> allocation in ptr to ptr ... style that is very simple to use(only two
> routines), header file only, can allocate an unlimited number of
> dimensions with subscripts for each dimension starting at an arbitrary
> number e.g. 0, 1, -5 etc, can allocate anything you can take sizeof()
> and allocates all in one contiguous block(stack, heap) for easy
> freeing.  I'm aware of the Boost.MultiArray library, however, I think
> daa has some advantages.  Specifically, a. each dimension has it's own
> starting subscript b. it's relative simplicity(2 routines) c. it's
> longevity - 30 years and two articles d. also can be used in a C only
> environment.  Following is the points noted in the GitHub
I've been using my own multi-dimensional array class for years now, and
my biggest regret is that I added support for subscripts starting at an
arbitrary number. This means that even though 99% of my array
dimensions start at 0, every function that takes a multi-dimensional
array as argument is now complicated by having to be aware of the
possibility of a dimension starting at a different number. That's a lot
of additional complexity for minimal benefit.

Rainer Deyke (rainerd_at_[hidden])

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