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Date: 2020-05-24 15:04:52



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> Subject: [boost] [epochs] Proposal for an epoch-based organization of Boost libraries


> Hi,


> Prompted by general feelings about Boost perceived lack of modernization and internal "bloat", and

> after an explicit survey on what users dislike about Boost [1], I decided to try and write a more or less

> fleshed out proposal for an epoch-based organization of Boost libraries. I've extensively tested and

> refined the proposal during discussions on Reddit and the Boost Slack channel, and I feel this is now

> ready for presentation at the mailing list:




> I hope the proposal can start a productive conversation. Looking forward to your feedback.


Your epoch ideas have merit, but some disadvantages.


But I fear that (like other projects like Cmake) the BIG hurdle that we struggle to get over, is *resources*.


And particularly, resources to update *all* existing libraries in any way.


Boost does have a lot of dependencies, but they are there for excellent reasons.


Documentation is a big part of the distribution (guilty) , but are needed by most.


Tests and tests data are another area that many users rarely use, but separately them would be a big task.


It is true that Boost has become very big, but Boost is only taking up space on builder's disks, not in end-users executables.


If we could do something positive, it would be to make much clearer that nearly all Boost is header-only, and has no effect on the executables.


The Getting Started instructions have been poor from the start, and are virtually unchanged while the Boost size has increased >10-fold.

To suggest that everyone needs to build all the libraries for all the variants taking hours has become absurd when most users are only like to need a handful like system and chrono.


So we could and should *sell* Boost much better.


In conclusion, I don't think that we have the resources to do any useful split.

So while we may regret that some avoid Boost, we must resign ourselves to continue muddling through ☹









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