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From: Alexander Grund (alexander.grund_at_[hidden])
Date: 2020-06-10 07:23:56

Hi all,

just wanted to gather opinions on 2 changes I'd like to make to
Boost.Nowide which go slightly above the initial goal:

1. Make detail implementations of widen/narrow public.
 Â Â Â  - Mainly
which does templated conversion from/to wide strings which might be
useful in generic contexts
 Â Â Â  - But also the underlying UTF decoding/encoding templates initially
extracted from Boost.Locale
 Â Â Â  I figured (and experienced) that those might be useful for
consumers of Nowide as when they already use those UTF-8 APIs they might
have other interface code which needs translation from/to wide strings,
so exposing the existing code as a feature might make sense.
 Â Â Â  Basically this would put them under boost::nowide::utf namespace
instead of in the detail namespace. I guess I don't need to retain the
old ones or put in forwarding headers, do I?
2. As requested and implemented over 2 PRs (last one still open: Large files are now
supported by boost::nowide::filebuf (technically only used on Windows)
but the implementation is pretty portable as e.g. Tests on Unix do use
boost::nowide::filebuf. This is done by implementing ftell/fseek via
_ftelli64/ftello and configure-time checking availability.
 Â Â  As C++ is lacking C-Style file manipulation functions portably
working with LFS I think a similar reasoning as above can be applied: It
exists, it works and can be useful more generically so moving it out of
the detail namespace might make sense.

Opinions? Ideas?

Regards, Alex

PS: If anyone with filesystem experience would like to review #104 or at
least glance over it, it would be appreciated.

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