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From: ÒÝÁØ Ñî (yyl_20050115_at_[hidden])
Date: 2020-07-31 21:02:19

As far as I can tell, rcgc_shared_ptr<T> calls the destructor of T as soon
as its destructor is invoked, regardless of whether other references exist.
That is,

int main()
    rcgc_shared_ptr<X> p1( new X );

        rcgc_shared_ptr<X> p2( p1 );
    } // ~X is called here

    // *p1 references a destroyed object here

This doesn't seem correct to me; the point of shared_ptr is to not call the
destructor of the pointee as long as references (such as p1 in the code
above) exist to it.
Yes, you¡¯re correct. The detor of rcgc_shared_ptr<X> calls the X¡¯s detor
As soon as rcgc_shared_ptr<X>¡¯ object p2 leaves its scope. However
P1 still holds the object. So only p2¡¯s ~X() is called, not p1¡¯s ~X().
If both called, the same object (new X()) will be free.

Although calling dtors, but it does not mean certainly, free or mess-up the object generated by new X().
Only when the reference count decreased to zero, the object generated by new X() will be free.

(Here I discussed with Andrey and Janson about if it¡¯s valid to use
the data which is called detor upon)

So this is not the behavior you expected as shared_ptr you know.

If you write X like this
class X
  std::string text;

It can be a disaster as text object would be freed twice or more while the detor of X called maybe twice or more.

but if you write X like this
class X
  rcgc_shared_ptr<std::string> text;

And use the text field accordingly,

It will be good and correct, because rcgc_shared_ptr already managed the memory for you (including the situations that the detors of std::string
Maybe called multiple times)

I admit that I didn¡¯t follow the semantics of the orginal shared_ptr. Maybe another name, just rcgc_ptr is better.

It¡¯s just smart pointer for you to manage memory allocations and deallocations. Maybe on the level of object creation/destructions is incorrect
(with other way of managing pointers or objects), but rcgc_shared_ptr still cares it for you.

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