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From: Alexander Grund (alexander.grund_at_[hidden])
Date: 2020-09-15 07:05:37

> Why not make Boost.Preprocessor2 or extend Boost.VMD?
I'd not add yet another library doing pretty much the same as an
existing one. Deleting complicated code to reduce maintenance burden is
> Boost.Preprocessor is used quite a lot throughout Boost, not in the
> least part specifically to support C++03. If it stops being C++03
> compatible, this will mean most of Boost will stop as well. At that
> point the dependent libraries may need to reevaluate if they still
> want to use Boost.Preprocessor and possibly either fork it or replace
> it with C++11 constructs. In some instances, like Boost.MPL,
> Boost.Variant, this may make the library pointless because there
> already are C++11 and newer replacements.

 From a "legal" perspective: It was made clear that by now any library
is free to "drop support for C++03" and there is not obligation to do or
don't (see all the many discussions about Boost C++11)

I'd actually welcome the change. As Edward mentioned dropping variadic
macros is not yet dropping C++03, as many compilers did support those
well before C++11, although e.g. GCC issues warnings (which I'd suggest
to suppress in Boost.PP)
If that move makes libraries obsolete, I'd see that as a bonus, but I
don't think so, yet. However maybe reconsidering the relevance of such
libs would be a good thing. E.g. MPL without non-variadic macros is
still useful/working and used by many others. The interfaces will be
kept as-is, so no need to remove although it makes sense to switch from
it if possible due to its compile time hit.

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