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From: Alexander Grund (alexander.grund_at_[hidden])
Date: 2021-02-02 18:01:18

> Am I correct that BOOST_PROGRAM_OPTIONS_DECL is defined to
> BOOST_SYMBOL_IMPORT, which expands to nothing, and it breaks when
> Boost.ProgramOptions library throws an exception marked with it?
> I'm asking because I have a similar setup in Boost.Filesystem, and it
> is tested with clang+libc++ on Linux, and the tests passed last time I
> checked.

I just checked that and yes, the setup is the same and yes tests pass.

Surprised by that I checked the difference: The destructor is
implemented in the cpp file (in fact the whole class is, which is why
DECL is the right choice here).
When I change the MWE in Boost.throw_exception (for example)  so that
the class is marked DECL then the test fails. Implementing the
destructor in the cpp file makes it work.

> One potential problem that I noticed is that if an exception is marked
> with BOOST_*_DECL and static linking is enabled, BOOST_*_DECL is empty
> and the exception RTTI is left hidden. This can be a problem if the
> user links with Boost statically (e.g. wraps it into a library of his
> own) and then the exception crosses the library boundary.
True. So exceptions should be marked VISIBLE, not DECL or both if the
DECL behavior on Windows is required (i.e. the class is implemented in a
cpp file)
Ned pointed out something on Slack: VISIBLE works similar to EXPORT and
makes all inline members VISIBLE too, which might not be wanted.

So IMO conclusion is: Mark exception classes faced at users at least
VISIBLE and test with libc++.

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