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From: Vinnie Falco (vinnie.falco_at_[hidden])
Date: 2022-08-21 23:46:50

On Sun, Aug 21, 2022 at 4:03 PM Zach Laine <whatwasthataddress_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> ...

It wouldn't be a proper review without at least one person forgetting
to use "Reply All" :) So here it is, from Zach. I have quoted his

> This makes sense. The larger issue I'm raising is that a user is
> going to have a harder time remembering this, if the names don't
> match. A way to mitigate that is to make this naming rationale
> explicit, so that user
> expectations will adjust. I didn't get that this was the pattern from
> the documentation, though I think you did say it. A call-out
> specifically noting this would porbably be enough.

Yeah we can do that.

> Hm. By lazy flat_map, do you mean that the positions are computed one
> step at a time during iteration? is that why they have
> forward_iterators?

Yes. operator++ and operator-- intelligently find the next param or
segment using a non-validating parse algorithm (since we know that the
underlying character buffer has already been validated).

> If so, please document that. It might make a
> pretty big difference whether I decided to keep using a params object
> that I need to update a lot, or copy everything over to a proper
> flat_map or vector to do my work.

Yes I agree, but I thought we did document that. Here, no?


We could probably add something here too:


> This works for an immutable container. It is *very surprising* for a
> mutable one. The rest of my notes about the containers are predicated
> on a false assumption that mutability implied non-laziness in the
> container itself. I think all of these container would be better off
> referred to as views, and made immutable. All you really need to
> support is begin/end, plus maybe key-lookup. I suggest you drop the
> mutability entirely. With mutability, these containers are trying to
> do two things at once.

Well, that's another way to do it and it certainly would remove
complexity and simplify the names. Right now we have 8 containers:


All of these containers reference the underlying character buffer of
the URL (although you can also construct the views from separately
parsed string views but that's basically the same thing in terms of
the ownership model being reference-like).

If we remove mutability as you suggest, then we can cut the number of
containers down to 4:


But this leaves us with a problem - how do you modify individual path
segments and query params? How do you do position-based insert and
erase of elements using an iterator? These features seem kind of
useful, I'm not sure I want to lose them.

> > > "Remove" is not really a term used in the STL. I think your
> > > "remove*()" container members should be "erase*()" instead.
> >
> > I'm not sure where you're seeing this? There are no "remove" functions
> > in these containers.
> params::remove_value() is one. I think(?) there are others.

Oh. Well... remove_value() only removes the value part of the param.
It does not erase the entire param. There's no such thing as
insert_value. The javadoc is wrong unfortunately (sorry about that).
We do use the term erase() when the operation removes the entire

> > Did you mean that it "doesn't" have proper error reporting? Where do
> > you see this lack of reporting (if that's what you meant)?
> By "proper" I mean that if the parse fails it should provide an
> end-user-friendly diagnostic, and optionally quote the line and put a
> caret under the position that the parse failed (a la the Clang
> diagnostics). Your non-end-user error reporting is fine.

Oh... hmm.. well, each rule does leave the iterator out-param at the
spot where an error occurred. But I'm not quite sure how to emit the
diagnostic - surely you aren't suggesting we write to std::cout or
std::cerr? Are we using curses or something? Or maybe just plain ASCII
art? How exactly would this look?

Thanks to Peter's work on boost::system::error_code, when a parse
error occurs the error is augmented with file name, line, and function
name information. And I have worked on adding visualizers so these are
nicely presented in the debugger. So at least we have that.


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