Hi all.

I recently started using STLPort instead of the MS-Stl for reasons of stability.

I am very happy with the performance and stability of STLPort but during the modification of some of my code to work with it i encountered some problem regarding the sgi I/O library. It is documented that the library is still experimental - http://www.sgi.com/tech/stl/standard_library.html .

I can work without the SGI I/O library but for example instead of including <istream> the STLPort wrapper will direct the compiler to <iostream.h> instead and thus I will have to give up all the template I/O library.

So my questions are:

1.      Is the I/O library stable by now?
2.      If it isn't stable yet is there any way to work with the MS-STL?
3.      If it is stable is there some documentation of the library?
(Because in SGI STL there is no real one about I/O library)



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