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Formal Review Schedule

Reviews are usually scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis, and normally last ten days.  See Formal Review Process for more information.

The schedule shows submissions ordered by review date. In addition to upcoming reviews, it includes recent  reviews already completed; that helps track review manager assignments and libraries reviewed but not yet posted on the web site. There is often a lag between acceptance and site posting as authors address issues raised in the formal review.


Submission Submitter Date
Thread Library Bill Kempf Aug 2   Aug 30 - Sep 8
Config System John Maddock Aug 1   Aug 20 - 29 
Bind Library Peter Dimov Jul 23   Aug 10 - 19
Base from Member Library Daryle Walker Jun 8 Beman Dawes Jul 30 - Aug 9
Coding Guidelines Dave Abrahams Jul 5 Aleksey Gurtovoy Jul 20 - 29
Preprocessor Library Vesa Karvonen May 25 Jeremy Siek Jun 28 - Jul 9
Tuples Library Jaakko Järvi May 23 Beman Dawes Jun 17 - 26
Function Library Doug Gregor May 5 John Maddock Jun 6 - 16
Tokenizer John Bandela April 27 Doug Gregor May 28 - Jun 6
Special Functions Hubert Holin April 10 Jens Maurer May 18 - 27

Review Managers

We try to rotate the task of Review Manager between many experienced Boost members, both to ensure fairness, and to spread the workload.  If you would like to volunteer to become a review manager, please contact any of the moderators.

Revised 08 Aug 2001