Well this is out of my league. I wrote the following typedef, I can't compile it because my compiler doesn't accept compose_f_gx_hy_t to begin with. I don't think it is right, but I don't know where to go or what I should be trying to do.
typedef template <class _Ret, class _Tp> compose_f_gx_hy_t< less < _Ret > , const_mem_fun_t < _Ret , _Tp > , const_mem_fun_t < _Ret , _Tp > > LessMemberFunctionT< _Ret , _Tp > ;
I know how to make a helper function for this, but I really want a simple way to write it out as well. Can I do such a typedef with templatized types? Should I derive a class from compose_f_gx_hy_t to make it simpler?
Lessons desired.