Dear Boosters,
I am currently working on "Beyond The C++ Standard Library - An Introduction to Boost", which is a tutorial-style book about several of the Boost libraries. Where would one seek knowledgeable reviewers? Of course, it is here, and that's the reason for this note.

Before saying more, I would like to ask that responses be sent directly to me rather than to the list. The moderators have allowed this note, but this is not intended to become a discussion. Should I receive notes of public interest, I'll post those to the list. Also, for those that are subscribing to both Boost (developers) and Boost-Users, my apologies for cross-posting.

Onwards! The book will cover the following libraries (minor modifications to this list may occur):

* Any
* Array
* Bind
* Call_traits
* Compose
* Concept check
* Conversion
* Functional
* Operators
* Random
* Rational
* Regex
* Smart_ptr
* Static_assert
* Tokenizer
* Tuple
* Type_traits
* Utility

I am looking for people interested in reviewing one or more chapter(s) (libraries). If you are volunteering, please add information that states the library, or libraries, that you'd be willing to review. Where one reviewer will have a deep knowledge about the libraries, another may only have a strong interest. Both are very welcome!

What's in it for you? Not money I'm afraid, but something that is hopefully more valuable: A chance to make the book better, to share some of your knowledge, and maybe to learn something new. Your name in the preface :-).

To volunteer, send a comment or ask a question, please contact me directly at Thanks!

Before I end this post:
Boost is becoming more and more important for the C++ community, and I would like to thank all participating Boosters for the libraries, the ideas, the research, the discussions and the enthusiasm that sums up to what we call Boost. All of this not only makes the world a better place, it also (which I personally think is more important) makes the world more interesting!


Bjorn Karlsson