> From: James Curran [mailto:JamesCurran@mvps.org]
>     I'm writing an article describing some code where I use
> boost::shared_ptr<>.  In the article, I plan on stating:
> "Considering it's
> general utility, and growing use, [shared_ptr] will almost
> certainly be
> added to the Standard Library when the next C++ Standard is
> complete (circa
> 2005 or so),  so it safe to start using now."
>     How accurate do we feel that statement is?

Well, considering the reaction at the Curacao meeting, that seems to be a bold statement. I personally think that shared_ptr will make it into the next revision of the Standard Library, but that's no more than a guess. However, shared_ptr is quickly becoming a de facto standard, endorsed by veteran programmers, well-known authors, C++ experts and, most importantly, regular users. I'd say that makes it very safe indeed to use.