Just as an FYI, another of the "in the works" replacements for CVS is called Subversion and is being developed by Tigris (http://subversion.tigris.org/index.html).  The requirements appear to address the issues you are having with CVS.
Jeff Garland
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> That strikes me as being a useful technique, but only as a workaround for a
> version control system shortcoming.  Another workarounds might include 

> It really seems a first class version control system could track
> directory and file name changes along with text changes.

CVS is universally recognized as having severe shortcomings.  There
are replacements in the works.  The most mature are Bitkeeper (by
Larry McVoy, bitkeeper.com) and Aegis (by Peter Miller in Australia,
www.pcug.org.au/~millerp/aegis).  Both have been ported to the less
developer-friendly OSes.  The trick is to persuade S/F to
run one or the other (or both) in place of CVS.


Nathan Myers