> Weird.  I made a change not long ago which *fixed* the way <template>s
> worked so that templates in other subprojects could be referenced
> (boost-base.jam v. 1.103).  I can't understand how that would break
> your usage.
> What -I options *do* you see in your command lines (bjam -n -a), and
> what do you *expect* to see?

Well for example I see:

    "cl"  /Zm800 -nologo -GX -c   /Z7 /Od /Ob0 /GX /GR /MDd /Op
/Zc:wchar_t,for Scope  -I"..\..\bin\boost\libs\regex\build"  -I"C:\Program
Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
03\VC7\include"   -Fo"..\..\bin\boost\libs\regex\build\libboost_regex.lib\vc
7.1\debug\threading-multi\regex.obj"  -Tp"c:\data\boost\develop\boost\libs\r

Notice for example that $(BOOST_ROOT) is not in the include path (actually
none of the options applied via the template are getting applied, it should
look like this:

/Z7 /Od /Ob0 /GX /GR /MDd /Op  /Zc:wchar_t,forScope  -I"..\..\..\bin\boost\
libs\regex\build"  -I"c:\data\boost\develop\boost" -I"C:\Program
Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
03\VC7\include"   -Fo"..\..\..\bin\boost\libs\regex\build\libboost_regex.lib
\vc7.1\debug\c_regex_traits.obj"  -Tp"..\..\..\libs\regex\build\../src/c_reg

> What happens when you roll that change back?

No joy, it's not that change that broke things.

I tried rolling back further, but that only produced errors within the Jam


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