Sure, there would be interreset for such package in a lot of engineering apps.

- I was worried about being limited to force, mass or acceleration. Can you do compile time combination of units ?
Take this example, I have meters and seconds, I want to build speed (ms^-1)

typedef si_units<double>::meter  meter; // meter type
typedef si_units<double>::second second; // second type

// i build a new unit
typedef divide_units< meter, second > velocity; // velocity is
built from meter/second

- It would be nice also to merge this library with a "physical constants" like gravity, and others...- do you plan to support other units ? J, K, C, mol, l, etc...
- did you think about a-dimensional units ? this is very common in fluid mechanics.

Hoping to see files on yahoo :)

At 05:35 10/10/2003 -0700, you wrote:
On Wed, 08 Oct 2003 15:23:11 -0400, David Richardson wrote
> Is there any interest in a class for compile time checking of
> dimensional correctness of arithmetic expressions?  It is a great
> debugging aid for scientific and engineering code.

David -

Sorry for the slow response, but I think there is certainly an interest in a
units library for boost.  There have been several discussions, but no one
willing to spend the time doing the work.  Before spending too much time
getting ready for formal review you will want to upload a preliminary
submission for folks to evaluate and discuss.  Typically libraries get evolved
before they get reviewed and accepted.


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