We use a simplistic internal version to wrap char arrays we dynamically allocate and then pass to legacy C based functions.

Chris Little

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> PS.  Forgot operator[].  See below.
> > > When I needed such a class, I created auto_array_ptr from
auto_ptr (cut &
> > > paste) and changed delete to delete [].
> > >
> > > Inelegant? yes.
> > > Quick & painless? yes.
> > > Did it work? yes.
> > > Would I rather see a version with a parameterized deleter
function? Yes.


Again, I'm not sure how appropriate such a class is.  It has very
little benefit over std::vector (the only benefit that comes to mind
being the availability of release(), which can be worked around using
std::auto_ptr<std::vector<T> > if it's that important for
optimization).  I'm not a comittee member, but I don't see such a
class being added to the standard for this reason.  So I don't see
much reason to spend effort on such a class for Boost either.

Am I failing to see some compelling reason to include it?

Bill Kempf