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From: Austin Bingham (austin.bingham_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-02-02 08:16:59

NOTE: I'd already posted this to boost-users, when someone directed me
to this list. So, if it seems like a repost, that's probably why :)

Is there any way to set the "default" value of a sparse_matrix?
sparse_matrix seems to guarantee that you always get a value when you
access an index, even if that index hasn't been explicitly set. At
least, that's the behavior I've seen. For sparse_matrix<float>, for
instance, you get 0. Is there any way to
specify this value? That is, if I wanted to get back, say, -1 for
unset entries, is there a way to do this? There's no direct mention of
this that I can find, although there were some discussions of
zero-constructors or somesuch that may have been dealing with this
question. Thanks.

Austin Bingham

BTW, if this now the official ublas mailing list, the site
should be updated. It still points to the yahoo group.