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From: Dan Elliott (dan_elliott_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-03-06 19:30:42


I am getting an error when trying to increment the iterator1 of a
compressed_matrix, obtained using the begin1 method, by more than one
index. Are these not random access iterators? Is this done by design?
  If so, why and what would be the fastest method of sequentially
accessing each element of randomly selected row?

In case it's needed, here is some sample code:

   typename compressed_matrix<T,F>::iterator1 r;
   for(vector<unsigned short>::iterator i = whereToGo.begin();
       i != whereToGo.end();
     r = src.begin1();
     r += *i;
     for(typename compressed_matrix<T,F>::iterator2 c = r.begin();
         c != r.end();

Thank you,

dan elliott