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Ublas :

From: Andreas Klöckner (kloeckner_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-03-18 09:52:07

Gunter Winkler schrieb:
> I'am very interested. Currently I use ITL together with uBLAS.

ARPACK bindings are attached. Feel free to commit them to the bindings
CVS or send comments.

Cholesky, CG and BiCGSTAB are in the works, but I still have to clean
them up a little bit.

> and incomplete Cholesky (for use as preconditioner)?

Nope, not yet. Dr. Tim Davis (UMFPACK's author) has apparently devised a
  sparse Cholesky algorithm that can be implemented in ~80 lines of
code. Might be worth looking at, even reimplementing, to avoid another
kludgy binding.

> I don't think these routines should be part of (core-)uBLAS but
should be
> publicly available. Maybe we start a 'contrib/' directory to collect all
> these routines?

How about a ublas-extras archive that contains the bindings and these

BTW, I believe that the patches in my original email fix important bugs
in UBlas. They fix a crash and a compiler error. I wonder why no-one has
  at least said what they don't like about them.

Have a good weekend,


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