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From: Michael Stevens (mail_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-03-23 15:40:51

Hi Andreas,

> It seems to me you changed the upper loop boundary to "filled1 ()" from
> my patch, which said "filled1 () - 1". I believe your change is
> incorrect: The loop needs to iterate over each row of the matrix.
> index1_data_ has one more entry than the matrix has rows. The leftover
> entry is used to find the end of the last row.
> I've attached a patch to fix this (compressed-axpy-2005-03-22.patch).
> The patch also fixes the premultiply (axpy_prod(x, A, ...)) case which I
> had previously forgotten and adds a missing "return v;" that was missing
> from Gunter's recent coordinate_matrix axpy_prod patch.
> I've also attached an updated patch against matrix_sparse.hpp
> (complete-index1-2005-03-22.patch) that adds a fixed, non-const version
> of complete_index1_array to compressed_matrix.

All committed. I still have problems with processing the patches
automatically. Can you verify that all has gone to plan.

> The corresponding
> bindings patch is compressed-bindings-2005-03-22.patch.
I'll leave Kresimir to apply this. I don't have a copy of binding at the

I forgot to reply to this earlier.
> In the slightly longer termn, I was considering using some of my spare
> time to convert the UBlas documentation to the QuickBook format, which
> has recently become increasingly common among the Boost libraries, and
> making some (careful) readability changes in the process.

I have often thought of using the BoostBook system. But it would be a big
project. It would be very useful if we could use Doxygen to to help keep doc
and source consistent. At the moment Toon and Gunter are most active
regarding documentation. A lot has been done regarding readability but a lot
of work is often require just to get correctness and a good formal

All the best,
Michael Stevens Systems Engineering

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