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From: Franz Müller (Franzl.Mueller_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-04-18 13:30:31

Hi there,

I'm using VC++.NET 7.1 and the newest lapack-bindings from CVS.

I tried to get the eigenvalues of a matrix, but unfortunately didn't
succeed. I'm calling geev using
lapack::geev(a, Eigenvals, &leftEV, &Eigenvecs,

It compiles fine, but then on execution there's a runtime-error saying
"** On entry to DGEEV , parameter number 13 had an illegal value"
and I'll receive only zeros as eigenvalues.

Am I doing something wrong? Unfortunately I couldn't figure out what's wrong
on my own.

If anybody has a working example, could you please send it to me? (By the
way, I'd appreciate any example or additional doc using the lapack-bindings,
not only for general eigenvalues)

One last question: is anybody actively working on the bindings? Any plan to
add them to boost (non-sandbox)?

Thanks in advance,

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