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From: Paul C. Leopardi (leopardi_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-26 09:52:52

Dear Dan,
Yes, you can use uBLAS to invert matrices, but this might not be the optimal
way to do it. You use UBLAS to invert a matrix by doing solves on each column
of a unit matrix.
GluCat uses the uBLAS routines, originally because Joerg Walter wrote them
specially for GluCat, and then because it was the easiest thing to do.
Best regards

On Thu, 26 May 2005 11:53 am, Dan Elliott wrote:
> Paul C. Leopardi wrote:
> >Dear Luca,
> >Reply below. Best regards
> >
> >On Sun, 22 May 2005 02:46 am, luca regini wrote:
> >>I am writing a scientific application. For the moment my vectors are just
> >>dinamically allocated array of doubles.
> >>To use UBLAS should i rewrite the code to use UBLAS' vector or is there
> >> an adapter??
> >>After performing some sparse matrix computations i must solve a system
> >>using SuperLU. What's the state of
> >>the driver?? How does the driver behave? Does it copy stuff and allocate
> >>new memory??
> >
> >Have you tried using uBLAS lu_factorize and lu_substitute, defined in lu.h
> > ? Do you know how it compares to SuperLU ? Has anyone made this
> > comparison ? Also, how large are your sparse matrices?
> Does this mean we can invert uBLAS matrices using uBLAS routines. I was
> under the impression we had to make use of an external library to solve.
> thanks.
> - dan
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