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From: Stefan Tarrant (stefan.tarrant_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-06-01 09:39:19

Oops, that was a slight oversight. I should have looked more closely because
I thought it was a bit too lopsided.

I re-ran the corrected code and the output is:

15.109 < for the valarray
21.812 < for the ublas vector

So the ublas vector seems to be a bit slower, but not the 9x to 80x that you


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Thank your for responding Stefan, but there is a small yet crucial bug in
your code. You forgot to size the ublas::vector

    boost::numeric::ublas::vector<RealType> v;

should be

    boost::numeric::ublas::vector<RealType> v(size);

Christopher Diggins

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