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Ublas :

From: Peter Melchior (pmelchior_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-09-20 03:41:36


I'm using LAPACK + bindings to do a Singular Value Decomposition of
uBLAS matrices. For inverting a matrix, I need the U and the Vt matrix
calculated explicitly.

But whatever I give as Jobu and Jobvt, only the Vt matrix will be
calculated correctly; the U matrix has only correct diagonal elements.

I've tried the Jobu = 'A' setting for gesvd and the Jobz = 'A' setting
for gesdd with exactly the same results as JobX = 'O'.

I'm using the ublas bindings from CVS (checkout: 09.09.2005).

Can anybody give me a hint, what might go wrong here.

Best regards,