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From: Michael Stevens (mail_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-10-19 13:33:39

On Wednesday, 19. October 2005 18:57, Shawn D. Pautz wrote:
> I think I understand now, thanks. But now that "Matrix" no longer
> appears in the template machinery, should I write
> E LU = A;
> rather than
> Matrix LU = A;
> Perhaps an equivalent question: Is E always a concrete matrix class?

E will NOT in general be a concrete Matrix class. In fact it will only be a
concrete matrix class in the case where 'determinant' is called with a
concrete matrix argument. This is because a Matrix class must be dervived
        class matrix : public matrix_container<matrix>
        template <class C>
        class matrix_container : public matrix_expression<C>

If you provide matrix_container overload of 'determinant' then E will never be
a concrete Matrix class.

I think this makes practical sense. You can provide an arbitary complex matrix
expression but to be able to do an inversion you need a concrete matrix to
provide working space. The best Matrix type to choose for this will have no
simple relationship with the particular expression. It is up to the user to


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