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From: Michael Stevens (mail_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-11-01 14:48:53

Hi Angus, Christophe,

> here is a larger patch that uses boost::ignore_unused_variable_warning(it);
> we make heavy use of ublas and the warnings appeared in many other places
> than the ones below
> the patch was made against CVS 1.33.1 and is attached to this email

Thanks for that.

I was just going to commit and had second thoughts! To me it seems including
<boost/concept_check.hpp> is a bit heavyweight to just get the
"boost::ignore_unused_warnings" function. Until such appears in boost
utilities maybe it would be better to simply duplicate the code in one of the
uBLAS headers.

What do you think?

> Michael, I now participate in the boost packaging in the Boost Debian Team
> :) and in particular I will look after ublas support.
> I already applied the 1.33 ->1.33.1 patch to our boost tree, and I will
> apply the patch attached.
The current version which will become 1.33.1 (if release!) should be available
from the RC_1_33_0 branch. Or did I misunderstand you?


> Angus wrote:
> | (It also replaces a few TAB characters that appear to have slipped
> | in ;)
Thats good. Keeps happening as my default editor setting are with TABs!


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