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From: Sorkin Dmitri (dsorkin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-02-24 11:38:54

  I have some wrapper for ARPACK which also uses
bindings for UMFPACK. I didn't benchmark the
performance. It is pretty good for me.

  I attach the files that I use. There is lots
of "bad" code.The main class is
the "LAL_TypeEigDriverNonSym".
Most of the code in supporting files is
not needed, it there for my historical reasons.
But I don't have time to extract the code.

./ - example of use (this file also uses DEAL.II lib)
./eigen_solvers_wrappers.* - implementation
./*matrices* - supporting files
        (including my wrapper for UMFPACK bindings)
./addins_for_num_bindings.hpp - supporting file
./adapt_dealii2ublas.h,ublasdealii.h - some adapters to convert
       DEAL.II and UBLAS matrices.

There are some remarks :
- The header
   <boost/numeric/bindings/umfpack/umfpack.hpp> can
   be included only in one object file, otherwise it
   will confuse the linker. I put it in ""
- Due to the fact that UMFPACK "likes" matrices with
   "int" index type ( not "unsigned"), the wrapper
   makes a copy of the matrix into the "right" format.

On Mon, 20 Feb 2006 eeitan wrote:

> hello, is someone knows a good package that uses UBLAS ,for calculating
> eigenvalues & eigenvectors for sparse matrices?? ( i tried IETL but their
> performance is poor as far as i can see) .
> thanks eitan.
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