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From: Georg Baum (Georg.Baum_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-03-25 10:56:02

Am Samstag, 25. März 2006 16:42 schrieb Manoj Rajagopalan:
> Hi all
> THe triangular_matrix<> template has four class parameters, T, TRI,
L, A:
> template<class T, class TRI, class L, class A>
> class triangular_matrix ...
> but when declaring an instance of such an array, we only need mention
> two, for eg:
> triangular_matrix<double, lower> m(3,3);
> The L and the A template parameters don't even have default values. How
> does the instantiation then work? Why is there no compile error saying
> there are no legitimate values for L and A?

Because the defaults are in the forward declaration in fwd.hpp:

template<class T, class TRI = lower, class L = row_major, class A =
unbounded_array<T> >
class triangular_matrix;

> Also, is there a separate list for people interested in ublas

I don't know of any, apart from the generic boost list.