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From: Manoj Rajagopalan (rmanoj_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-04-03 23:55:15


   I am trying to solve a dense system using the LU decomposition
procedure. Why am I getting the following compile time error?

Assertion failed in file /usr/include/boost/numeric/ublas/lu.hpp at line
detail::expression_type_check (prod
(triangular_adaptor<const_matrix_type, upper> (m), e), cv2)
terminate called after throwing an instance of
   what(): internal logic

My code is as follows:

matrix<double> A;
vector<double> x;
// initialize both
permutation_matrix<> piv(A.size1());
lu_factorize(A, piv); // with partial pivoting, lu.hpp
lu_substitute(A, piv, x); // solve the system

thanks in advance,