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From: Andreas Dolfen (a.dolfen_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-04-20 07:51:03

> No, I did not try the CVS-HEAD version yet but I will try it later!
Ok, I just used the ublas cvs-head, not the whole boost cvs and it does
not change anything :(
I'll try the whole cvs boost tree next!

> I'll try my old code with the new ublas and
Ok, using my old code (with (operator[])[]) with
BOOST_UBLAS_ENABLE_PROXY_SHORTCUT actually increases performance a bit.
Whereas new code with boost 1.33.1 is 1.35 slower,
old code with 1.33.1 with BOOST_UBLAS_ENABLE_PROXY_SHORTCUTS is (only)
1.25 times slower.