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From: Gunter Winkler (guwi17_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-06-08 06:08:50

On Thursday 08 June 2006 11:33, dvir schirman wrote:
> I am not sure that my mistake is with ublas, but it seems to me that it is.
> I'm using Cygwin g++ 3.4.4

It looks like a C++ issue, so I give some general advice. Maybe you have a
look at

about your code:

* put all initializations between : and {}
* use copy constructor wherever possible

base_functions::base_functions(ublas::vector<float> covariance,
ublas::vector<float> x)
: function_num(0) <- new
, initial_cov(covariance) <- new
, weights(new C_weights())


//initial_cov=covariance; <-- var. may not be initialized

build_new_function((float)INITIAL_VALUE,(float) INITIAL_DELTA,x);



* use references if you want to modify parameters
* use const (ref) if you don't
* (advanced technique) use const member functions if you don't modify the data
of your class/instance
* initialize _all_ variables at the time of declaration

void base_functions::update(ublas::vector<float> &x, const float eta, const
float noise, const float delta)

weights->update_weights(eta, noise,delta,b_vec ,get_function_num());

boost::numeric::ublas::vector<float> new_x, vec, vec2, vec3, delta_mu;

new_x.resize( x.size()); <- bad style, may fail if new_x is not initialized

* better:
boost::numeric::ublas::vector<float> new_x(x.size())
        , vec(x.size())
        , vec2(x.size()) ...


PS: prefer attachements over inlined code