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From: Gunter Winkler (guwi17_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-07-06 02:39:54

On Wednesday 05 July 2006 16:24, Nico Galoppo wrote:
> I also tend to use CVS-Head for boost/boost-sandbox, but I had to revert to
> ublas of 2006/05/18, because of the size2 issue (see mailing list, search
> for subject "[ublas] size2 not a member of
> 'boost::numeric::ublas::basic_column_major <>'").

The quick fix is to change all occurrences of
F::size2(n,m) to F::size_m(n,m) and
F::size1(n,m) to F::size_M(n,m)
( m ... minor (inner) dimension / leading dim.;
M ... major (outer) dimension for loops )