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From: Kresimir Fresl (fresl_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-09-12 12:14:12

Marco wrote:

> Atlas bindings available on
> and described in
> are rising a lot of problems on my debian box.
> - they are searching for ublas.h and clapack.h in the wrong place

Here is a quote from the Atlas bindings doc (

2. Using ATLAS bindings
2.1 ATLAS path
The location of ATLAS header files may depend on your installation.
Files cblas_inc.hpp and clapack_inc.hpp, which only include ATLAS
headers cblas.h and clapack.h respectively, are therefore introduced.
You should edit these two files providing your paths. All other files
then include these two files, so there is no need to edit other files.

(BTW, you can find docs for all bindings and some examples at

> - if I correct their includes, I still get
> /tmp/ccW4mZZR.o: In function [...] undefined reference to
> `clapack_dgetrf'

This sounds as a linker error. Do you have something like
"-llapack_atlas" in your command line when you invoke your

> How could I use ATLAS (I need SVD) with uBLAS?

Atlas do not have SVD functions (again, see Atlas bindings doc).
You should use Lapack (and Lapack bindings).