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Ublas :

From: wangxiaoyi (wangxiaoyi00_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-10-14 04:07:55

The uBLAS uses *size_t* to for index values. However, I have use int as
the index values in some cases. For example, I have to use int indexed
sparse matrix when binding ublas matrix to superLU package. Using int as
index value may fail to compile in debug configuration, i.e. no NDEBUG
defined. The compiler reports that:
NO function could match same_impl_ex(int, size_t). Actually in
exception.hpp:276, same_impl_ex is just defined for the argument type,
expected to be (size_t, size_t).

Is there really a way to use int as index value in current released ublas?

boost lib version I use is 1.33.1

Best Regards!