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From: Gunter Winkler (guwi17_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-02-21 08:13:42

On Wednesday 21 February 2007 14:02, Neal Becker wrote:
> I have an application which uses a data structure that is a variation on a
> vector_of_vector.
> This is a vector of vectors, where each row is a vector of a different
> size.
> While this case is covered by generalized vector_of_vector, it would be
> terribly inefficient to handle that way. Within each row the data are
> consecutive.

This sounds like "Skyline storage" of sparse matrices?

> I wonder if this data type is sufficiently common to warrant a ublas type
> to handle it?

If the class fits into the linear algebra framework and if it fulfils the
concept requirements, then it can be added. An application of a generalized
band matrix (the bandwidth for each row is different) is p-version FEM.

BTW: a gvov of banded_vectors (not yet implemented) should be able to handle
this efficiently.