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From: Gunter Winkler (guwi17_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-03-24 16:37:53

Am Samstag, 24. März 2007 16:30 schrieb Sorkin Dima:
> Hi.
> I have a problem with some uBLAS (boost 1.33)
> based code, when I work with MIPSpro 7.4.3m or
> and GCC on SGI platform.

      Function symbol function template
          "boost::numeric::ublas::row(M &, M::size_type)" is
          ambiguous by inheritance.
      Function symbol function template
          "boost::numeric::ublas::row(const M &, M::size_type)" is
          ambiguous by inheritance.

> error: due to a defect in the G++ 3.2 ABI, G++ has assigned the same
> mangled name to two different types

Obviously the errors are compiler deficiencies. AFAIR this bug was fixed
in gcc 3 branch at least at release of 3.4. I have no knowledge about
the SGI compiler. Can you check if the use of row_const fixes the