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From: Susy (sharkysue_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-04-16 09:25:00

Hello to everyone,

I just need a hint :

I worked with a library based on boost 1_31 matrix sparse & shared_ptr on a
32b station ( suse 9.3);
then i shifted to 64b and Ubuntu ( 6.10 Ubuntu, that is supporting boost
1_33) .

I´m trying to compile my old codes, but i got only one, fondamental problem:

my matrix cannot be loaded up , her original size was a ( 225 * 244) with
boost 1_31
and with the new boost what I get back is something like a Super-Shrinked
( 1 *45) .
In this way a lot of data are discarded and I really don´t know what I
should do...

Has anyone an idea? Even criticism will be accepted!

Thank you in advance,