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From: Dag Lindbo (dag_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-11-09 04:22:05

Hello all,

I've written a few classes for plotting uBLAS vectors and matrices
directly from a C++ program. These has proven useful to me, so I decided
to share them. The intention with the interfaces was to be as simple as
MATLAB and similar in style.

    * 2d (x,y) plot, including multiple curves in one plot and line
style/color spec.
    * Surface plot (vec x, vec y, mat z), including scaling of z-axis
and camera placement
    * Contour plot (vec x, vec y, mat z) with a given number of contour
    * Possibility to output to PNG

Interested? Pictures and details code at:

All the real graphics stuff is handled by VTK (

Note that I've released these classes "as is" with the intention that
they may be useful to someone - not saying that they are brilliantly
designed or bug-free.

Best regards,
Dag Lindbo